About The Founder

Interior design is an inherent part of Ambreen’s nature, her affinity for interior design stems from a heritage enriched with her mother’s passion for interior décor and her father’s appreciation of fine architecture. From these formative influences, she developed a keen understanding of the seamless marriage between practical aesthetics and the ever-evolving nature of design.

Drawing inspiration from minimalist modernism, Ambreen has carved a niche for herself in the field of interior design. With over a decade of experience as a realtor and a passion for modern interiors, she brings a unique perspective to her designs. She appreciates a home to be more than a physical space, but a remarkable reflection of our true selves, a sanctuary where we can escape the demands of daily life and authentically be ourselves.

Setting her own dreams into motion, Ambreen embarked on her inaugural project: the design, demolition, and construction of her own resplendent haven. This personal endeavor became the stage for honing her skills in remodeling and décor, as she explored the intimate intricacies of transforming living spaces into breathtaking works of art. Through this hands-on experience, she cultivated an unwavering eye for detail and an innate understanding of the harmonious interplay between function and beauty.

Driven by her creativity and perceptive nature, Ambreen seamlessly translates her clients’ visions into reality. Collaborating closely with them, she effortlessly brings their dreams to life. Whether it’s rejuvenating outdated spaces, blending historical charm with modern elements, or creating inspiring office environments that reflect a company’s ethos, Ambreen’s ability to transform spaces is second to none.

With an unwavering commitment to personalized and timeless design, Ambreen continues to push the boundaries of interior design, crafting exceptional living spaces that not only captivate and inspire, but also enhance the lives of those who reside within them. 

Our Mission

At Funkaaree, distinction is our currency, and our passion is to guide our clients towards the zenith of their vision. With us, you will discover a world where design exceeds the ordinary, where every moment spent in your newly created space feels like a symphony of self-realization. We endeavor to provide the best interior design experience to our clients.

Welcome to a journey where design becomes the ultimate expression of your soul, alongside the trusted ally that will not just meet expectations but redefine them. Together, let us craft an unrivaled legacy – one that transcends generations and leaves an indelible mark on the world we inhabit


Ambreen Qazi designed and created our beautiful outdoor patio, complete with outdoor kitchen and covered seating area. We wanted a space whereby we could entertain and she provided us with a practical dining area, a covered fully-functional kitchen with ample storage as well as a U-shaped covered seating area with a fire pit that can triple as a table or a drink cooler during warmer weather. Ambreen’s designs always emphasize practicality and usability while elevating aesthetics. The custom slate grey and burnt orange wood paneling throughout the patio as well as the custom concrete tiles all come together to provide us with a beautiful space where we can entertain, dine, live and play.


We hired Ambreen to oversee the renovation of a single family home into one that could comfortably house two families. She did a brilliant job of assembling a first-rate team that included an architect and a construction specialist. When issues arose, as always they do, she was there to solve them. The end result is a terrific living space.


Interior decorator and design consultant Ambreen Qazi recently helped us convert a typical 1970’s basement into a light and airy modern apartment.From start (finding an architect and contractor) to finish Ambreen was terrific.She listened to us, respected our likes and dislikes, and helped guide every decision--from taking down interior and exterior walls, lowering floors, adding windows--to the smallest decisions details such as door hinges and knobs.Throughout the entire project Ambreen’s excellent taste and guidance was invaluable, with an end result beyond our expectations. If asked, I would give her the highest recommendations.


Ambreen’s designs are always client-focused with a sensitivity to the client’s needs, taste and budget. When we asked Ambreen to design our sunroom, she was very sensitive and responsive to our hopes for the space. Because of her emphasis on practicality and pragmatism, the sunroom is now the most used space in our home. It serves as both a very luxurious and sunlit office for me during the weekdays while allowing our family to gather comfortably in a space where we can enjoy all four seasons during weeknights and weekends.


I couldn't speak more highly about my experience working with Funkaaree on our master bedroom renovation. Ambreen was immensely knowledgeable and hands-on at every step of the process, and her design aesthetics are absolutely first rate. I came into the renovation process with very little working vernacular, and she was able to simplify and break it down for me in ways which were not only reassuring, but fun. Her patience, judgment and knowledge of design are positively first rate. I am so grateful to have been able to work alongside her, and we are so thrilled with the outcome.

- Elisabeth